Little England Chapel

Significant Events

old chapel

Here on this page is a Timeline that lists all of the important events surrounding and concerning the Little England Chapel of Hampton Virginia.

1868 - Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute (now Hampton University) opened.

1869 - Daniel Feeks Cock divided part of his 148 acre tract known as "Herbert's" into lots, calling it, "Cock's Newtown".

1877 - George Rowe began the Ocean Cottage Sunday School for the Newtown community while living on William Armstrong's property.

1879-80 - Little England Schoolhouse opened.

1891 - Sewing School was conducted at Little England.

1893 - An Eight-foot addition was built at the rear of the Little England building.

1900 - Local smallpox epidemic closed Sunday school for a few weeks.

1906 - Men of Newtown formed Bible study class.

1910 - Vestibule was added.

1923-24 - Charles Johnson organized young people of Newton area into service clubs.

1932 - Final year the Little England Sunday School was specifically mentioned in the Annual Report of Hampton Institute.

1938 - Newtown Community Club was formed by uniting the Men's Community Club of Newtown and the ladies' Neighborhood Aid Club.

1939 - The Progressive Church of Jesus began holding services in the Little England Chapel. This is also the same year the Chapel received electricity.

1954 - Fred D. and Louise G. Cock deeded Little England Chapel property to trustees of the Newtown Improvement Club.

1955 - The Club changed its name to Newtown Improvement and Civil Club. Roof shingles were replaced by tin during the same year.

1959 - Indoor plumbing was added.

1979 - Newtown Improvement and Civic Club renewed its activities.

1980 - Estelle J. Savage was honored for service to the Newtown Community.

1981 - The Chapel was entered in the Virginia Landmarks Register.

1982 - The Chapel was entered in the National Register of Historic Places.

1989 - The Church of Jesus vacated the property.

1990 - Newtown Club incorporated and began efforts to restore the Chapel building.

1992 - A Groundbreaking Ceremony to begin renovation of the Chapel took place. A Reception was also held to kick off a fundraising campaign for restoration.

1993 - A Ten by Twelve foot addition was built on the north side of the Chapel.

1994 - Nearby former restaurant/lounge was deeded to Newtown Civic and Improvement Club.

1995 - The Little England Chapel was pictured on the cover of the book, Virginia Landmarks of Black History, which was edited by Calder Loth.

1997 - The original Newtown consolidated with other neighborhoods while retaining the name Newtown. The Newtown Neighborhood Learning Center opened during the same year. Also, the Little England Chapel Cultural Complex became the formal name of the Chapel and the Learning Center.

2003 - A Virginia roadside marker was erected on Chapel grounds. The Little England Chapel Foundation was incorporated during the same year.

2008 - Exterior of the Chapel building was completely refurbished.

2010 - A historical marker was planned for Newtown as one of the city of Hampton's 400th anniversary activities.